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Why Giving Your Sentences A Proper Structure Is Important

When Writing a sentence, it is important that it is structured correctly, although not all sentences are constructed the same. Different sentences have alternative structures so that what you are writing will make sense both to you the writer, and to the person who is reading what you have written.

Basic sentences contain a subject, a verb and an object. Examples of a basic sentence are: The man (subject) ran (verb) for the bus (object). The man (subject) paid (verb) his money (object).

Compound sentences are two understandable sentences that have the same importance and are about the same thing. The two are usually combined by a conjunction such as 'and' which helps to connect the two sentences together. An example of a compound sentence is: The man ran for the bus and (conjunction) paid his money.

Complex sentences are sentences that are basic sentences that do not share the same importance. An example of a complex sentence is: Since the man (subject) ran for the bus (object) he paid (verb) his money (object). The beginning of the sentence is more significant than the last part.

Run-on sentences are sentences that are the same as compound sentences, but they have not been written properly and they do not contain any punctuation. An example of a run-on sentence is: The man (subject) tried to catch the bus (object) the conductor (subject) closed the door. (object). As you can see, the sentence has no punctuation in it. It should either have a conjunction such as but, or a full stop.

Minor sentences are sentences that can be just one word. An example of a minor sentence is the answer to a question. The question, "Are you ok?" The answer "Yes". Therefore "Yes" is the minor sentence.

Varying sentences is important as writers tend to use the same word numerous times. This is disconcerting for the reader and also boring. An example of a sentence that uses a variety of words that mean the same is: It can be hard to catch a bus when it is driving away OR. It is not easy to catch a bus when it is driving away.

As you can see, the sentences mean the same, but are using different words to let the reader know what is meant.

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