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Getting Your Self-Published Book And Academic Work Proofread Before It Is Printed

When you have written your own book, essay or dissertation, which may have taken you a long time, and, therefore you will be used to reading what you have written, you will not always see the spelling or grammatical mistakes that you have made and there is nothing worse than receiving the finished manuscript or dissertation, reading it through and finding a mistake in it that you hadn't noticed before. You will have spent a lot of time and energy writing and the last thing you need is for the finished piece to have a mistake in it.

When you have completed your work, you may consider giving it to someone you know to read it through for you to check it for errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Nevertheless, a qualified proofreader is far more proficient because they are trained to be well organised and because of experience, they can spot and eradicate those errors. Also, a proofreader will find the wrong words used and can check the format of the writing.

Proofreading is vital, because any written piece that is to be seen by the wider public must be clear and concise so that the reader can understand what the author is trying to convey and therefore, spelling, grammar and punctuation should all be correct.

A proofreader will usually work with students, academics and book authors.

A student and an academic will normally know how to edit their own work, so they may employ a proofreader to check that their spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure is correct.

A book author will also have had their work edited. They will require the services of a proofreader just to give their novel a last proofread so that they can sell their work with full confidence. Some writers may hesitate at the thought of employing a proofreader, but even a few mistakes may devalue the reading experience. A repetition of punctuation, grammatical and spelling mistakes may cause the author to feel embarrassed if the book is published without being checked.

If you would like a proofreader to check your book or academic work for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure , then please contact me. My website address is:

May I take this opportunity to wish all my blog readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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