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A World Of Grammar, Proofreading And Book Celebrations!

World Grammar Day

The 10th World Grammar Day will be held on 4th March. World Grammar day started in 2008 when Martha Brockenbrough decided that she wanted to assist her students with their written and spoken English in a way that would hold their interest and teach them how to write English the correct way.

Martha Brockenbrough is an author who writes books for both adults and children.

World Grammar Day is also celebrated in Sweden on March 23rd.

National Proofreading Day

National Proofreading Day is celebrated on 8th March originally set up by a lady called Judy Beaver.

World Book Day

Children are encouraged to go to school dressed up as characters from their favourite books.

They are also given book tokens so that they can go to a book shop that is taking part in World Book Day, and choose one of ten completely free books, alternatively, they can pick any book or audio book that costs more than £2.99 and get £1.00 off.

The day is about getting children more interested in the books and authors that they already like and also introducing them to new books and new authors.

In other countries, World Book Day is celebrated on 23rd April which is also William Shakespear’s birthday.

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