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Resourcing for Content Quality Assurance

For businesses, the production of written materials is a year-round activity. Branded materials, printed collateral, web pages, internal documents, client reports: whatever it is that’s being produced, the need to keep tight controls around the quality of these documents is essential, particularly if there’s an external audience likely to see them.

This is where the proofreaders step in!

For those companies who don’t have the luxury of an in-house proofing professional, there is no other route than to procure the services of a professional proofreader to provide quality assurance on materials. However, some companies are fortunate enough to have either one or perhaps a team of in-house proofreaders: this means that documents and other materials can be shipped for QA to these team members. In-house proofing provides a great level of assurance for any documentation and, often, the need for external proofreaders and editors is near zero.

But what if…?

The big question. ‘What if?’ It’s the question we ask to consider eventualities, even those with very remote possibilities - the first step to mitigating risk.

I am not saying proofreading is a particularly risky profession (well, as long as you’re not trying to do it whilst skydiving or fire breathing!), but a lack of resource to provide quality assurance can hinder the efforts of a business attempting to build a professional brand image, submit tender documentation or run marketing campaigns, to name but a few examples.

So what if…

  • your in-house proofreader takes a couple of weeks’ annual leave (or perhaps a sabbatical)?

  • your in-house proofreader is taken ill and is forced to take sickness absence?

  • your in-house proofreader takes parental leave?

  • your in-house proofreader wants to reduce their hours, or take a more flexible approach to their working hours?

These are just a selection of reasons why you might find yourself lacking a quality assurance capability. Whilst most will have temporary effects on such capability, the impact could be felt for a number of weeks or months (maternity leave, for example, will affect your resourcing for a significant time period). So, what do you do when this happens?

Speak to Jo Swift Proofreading Services

If you need to replace lost resource for a temporary or fixed-time basis, then using a reputable, professional proofreader is key. Sourcing a reliable proofreader will provide a comfortable option for covering the resource gaps, ensuring that your business is able to continue to provide the high-level of internal QA your teams have come to expect.

As an independent proofreading business, Jo Swift Proofreading Services are able to provide additional resource to your business in a cost-effective manner. You might want to replace lost resource temporarily or it may be that you want to ‘scale up’ your resource to meet increased demand for a particularly busy period; whatever the reason, I am confident we can meet your needs effectively.

Talk to us today about providing cover for or scaling your in-house team. Call Jo on 07545 583 102.

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