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General English Guidelines To Adhere To When Writing Your Blogs For Social Media

A Blog allows the writer to have free expression when writing because the internet is attainable to most people.

A Blogger should know how to write and compose the ideal content that let the reader know what they are talking about.

Sometimes though, this does mean that grammar can deteriorate. People who write blogs, need not necessarily have English as their first language and therefore, some Bloggers do not understand the basics of English grammar.

When writing words such as their, there and they're, it is important to know which is the correct one to use, as using the wrong spelling of the word could make that whole sentence nonsensical and would therefore confuse the reader and they may stop reading the rest of the Blog, even if it is a subject that they are really interested in.

So that the Blog will flow smoothly, it is advisable to use words known as conjunctions. A conjunction is a word that joins one word to another to make a sentence flow properly so that it makes sense. There are seven words known as co-ordinating conjunctions that form every day sentences. These words are For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet and So and the first letter of each of these words make up the acronym FANBOYS which will help the Blogger remember the linking words.

Keep sentences short. When you have got something that you want to say and you want to get it down on paper, there is a tendency to write without thinking of adding any punctuation. Therefore, the sentence can ramble on and not make sense to the reader. Always use the correct punctuation in a sentence and paragraph.

When writing a Blog, write it as though you are talking directly to your audience. If you are unsure what pronouns to use, they are, you, I, us, and we.

Using capital letters in the correct places also will give you credibility when you are writing. Capital letters should be used for such as a persons name or a place name and at the beginning of each new sentence.

Errors with grammar when writing, can cause the reader to think that you are not very professional ad this, in turn, can cost you business and therefore, money.

The most common mistakes that you can make are mixing up the subject/verb agreement. An example of this when you get the sentence wrong is: The lady are speeding. When you get the sentence right, it should read: The lady is speeding. More confusion can come from the words nobody and everyone. The reason for the confusion is that these nouns are singular and they refer to more than one person. Using these nouns in the wrong way, you would write: Everyone want to be happy, or Nobody have to go if they don't want to. Using these nouns correctly, you would write: Everyone wants to be happy, or Nobody has to go if they don't want to.

When you have written your Blog, if you would like my help with checking it for the correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure, then please contact me either by email or phone, or you could look at my website: and fill in the enquiry form.

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