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Why do people make New Year’s Resolutions?

Usually people make resolutions for the new year so that they can be better than they were the year before. Also people make resolutions to change a bad habit they may have had in the previous year like smoking or drinking.

Now I will explain where the New Year’s Resolution was originated and what it is.

A New Year’s Resolution is a pledge that an individual makes to his or herself to alter something in their life that they don’t like such as watching too much television or eating too much . The person will promise his or herself that this bad habit will change by putting into practice what they are going to do. One of those things is to turn off the television at a specific time and listen to music or read a book.

The tradition of setting New Year’s Resolutions dates back to 153 BC. The mythical Roman God Janus, (which is where the name of the first month of the year comes from) apparently had one face looking backwards and another face looking forwards. The face looking backwards looked into the old year and the face looking forwards looked ahead into the New Year so that the Romans could make a decision whether or not to change something that they do not like about themselves that they did in the previous year, such as forgiving their enemies.

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