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Boo! Don’t spook your clients with evil spelling on Social Media!

Making grammatical and punctuation mistakes when writing your social media posts can scare your readers away!

As you have invested your time and energy into creating your content, you should care about how it is portrayed on your social media platforms.

It is just as important to carefully check what you are posting, as it is when you are representing yourself and your business at networking events or training days.

People are quick to judge and make instant decisions whether or not to use your services! If they see errors in either spelling, grammar or punctuation, it will put them off even making that initial call or sending that first email.

This could seriously damage your reputation.

Every day feels like Halloween when I see all-too-common mistakes in business writing, so I’ve put together a list of handy tips that can help you avoid making a blood draining mistake!

1. Check Your Grammar

Using the correct grammar is just as important when writing a social media post, even if it is only a few lines long. Double check the spelling is correct, read the sentence aloud or ask a friend to glance over it!

2. Try Changing Your Reading Style

If you have written new content for your website and social media, instead of reading it directly from your computer screen, try printing it out and reading the hard copy. This may help you to spot grammar or punctuation mistakes that you did not see on the screen.

3. Read Aloud

If you have written something like a speech, then reading it out loud to yourself will enable you to spot any errors before you present it to your audience.

4. Have A Break!

When you have finished your writing and before you post it, have a break. It’s good to take a break to clear your head before you sit down and start proofreading. This will allow you to come back to it with a fresh perspective and you will be able to spot any errors you may have made.

5. DON’T Rely on Spell Check

Although Microsoft Word is renowned for having a spelling and grammar checker, it is not the

absolute solution for producing perfect posts or blogs. Don’t take what it tells you as gospel. Sometimes it can be wrong! You need to bear in mind that computer software does not replace the human eye.

If you would like some help to make what you have written as error free as possible, please

contact me today.

Have a look at my website and get in touch.

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