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Can bad grammar or spelling errors affect your SEO ranking?

Not everyone has to be a grammar vigilant, but people notice bad spelling and poor grammar more than we think!

It’s one thing to laugh about misspelt words on a take away menu, but what about bad grammar on solicitor’s website?

Grammar absolutely correlates with SEO success! Both Google and Bing confirmed that top-ranked websites have high quality and error free content.

The bottom line is that people react better to the high quality and mistake free text. This is directly related to their user experience, which in turn, influences your SEO. Google’s Panda algorithm (back in 2011), introduced checks into the quality of the content, and it’s no secret how grammar might play into that.

Users may not have time to browse through lots of pages of Google to find what they are looking for, so the higher up on Google that your website ranks, the more likely it is that users will choose your product or service over your competitors.

This is why grammar should matter not only to the grammar vigilantes, but plumbers, fashion designers and logistics companies, to name a few. Just as you need to protect your reputation and offer high quality products or services, the same applies to your website, shop front or business card. It’s all about your professional reputation!

When people encounter too many typos and errors, they will leave your site. If your competitors seem more professional than you, they will get to win the business.

From technical point of view, it’s worth mentioning that spelling errors in your code can result in error pages and could be difficult to find for users and crawler bots alike.

Whatever you write, it is important to get it proofread multiple times to ensure that all the errors have been eradicated and your reputation is unsullied.

If you would like to use my proofreading services, please contact me on 07545 583 102.

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