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Why Proofreading Your Website Content Is SO Important!

When a person is writing an article or content for their website, they think about whether people will take the time to read what they’ve written and if they will find it useful. They try to share relevant and interesting content to engage and inform their readers or website visitors.

They also think about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and want to rank on search engines such as Google, ideally near the top of the first page. They think about the topic that they are going to write about and they research it before they start to write it. This all takes a lot of effort!

What that person, or, if they have hired an agency to write the article or content for them, tends not to think about, is PROOFREADING their article or said content before publishing it!

It doesn’t matter how good you may think you, your colleagues or even the team of people that you have hired to write your article or content are, there is always a likelihood of an error being made. Errors commonly occur in the spelling, punctuation, grammar or sentence structure. This is because the writer has what they want to say in their head, and because the article is written in that person’s own words. When writing and proofreading their own work, there is a tendency to miss missing commas, hyphens or question marks. They may also be writing too quickly, so they may miss a word out completely or get some of their words jumbled up.

If any of the above happens, a website visitor might be disappointed with the quality of the content they were presented with. If they meet the person who is representing that company at a meeting or at a networking event, they will be remembered for the mistake, not have a very high opinion of them and could be therefore put off from doing business with them. First impressions aren’t always face-to-face!

If your website content is well written and no errors can be found, then this will make a good impression on the website visitors. You’ll present yourself in a professional, credible light. Not only is the website visitor more likely to do business with you but this may also recommend you to their contacts or network. This could in turn get you more business.

Whatever you write, it is important to get it proofread multiple times to ensure that all the errors have been eradicated and your reputation is unsullied.

If you would like to use my proofreading services, please contact me on 07545 583 102.

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