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Tips For Proofreading your Social Media Posts

Hello again. Today I am going to post some vital tips for you to follow when writing your social media posts.

The reason for this is because if what you post on your social media platforms is incorrect or doesn’t read accurately, then your reputation and the reputation of your company is sullied and your readers will not consider using you for a project they may have.

Below I have listed 10 tips for you to consider:-

Think carefully about the content of your post and how you are going to write it

Remember, if you have written a similar post in the past, try not to repeat yourself. Your readers will know.

Do not rush while writing your post

Take your time and check that the finished article makes sense to you, because if it does not read correctly to you as the author, then it will not make sense to your audience.

Use the correct spelling of words when writing your posts

When you are typing something on your computer and you use a word such as ‘there’, remember that there are several ways of spelling this word and all of them are correct but they have different meanings. The same goes for your and you’re. Make sure you write the correct one.

Print out your work and read it several times

Once you have finished your piece of writing and before you publish it, print it out and read it several times over to make sure that you spot all the errors in spelling and grammar that you might have made.

Get your facts straight

If you are writing something factual in your post, check that the fact is correct and make sure that you do not change anything when writing it in your own words.

Get others to read what you have written

If what you are writing is significant, ask one of your colleagues or friends to read it as well. They may spot an error that you have not seen.

Stay focused on what you are reading

Don’t let yourself be distracted by other things such as the phone ringing, your mobile buzzing or people talking in the background.

Make sure you are seated properly

When you are reading through your social media post, sit in an upright position, as sitting straight will help you to stay alert and concentrating.

The pitfall of using numbers

If your writing contains numbers such as a chart, read the chart several times as numbers are easier to get wrong and if you are writing the piece of on behalf of someone else, it is not just your reputation that is on the line. A hint for reading numbers that are in a chart, is to read them vertically and not horizontally.


Make sure that you have used capital letters in the correct places. I.e., at the beginning of a new sentence or paragraph. Sometimes you may be using acronyms. Make sure that you capitalise all the letters.

Finally, make sure that a professional proofreader reads your copy before you publish, because it does not matter how many people you ask to read it through, if you give it to a professional proofreader, you can be assured that it will be read properly.

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