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Literary Events around the UK in April

London Book Fair

The London Book Fair which takes place from April 10th to April 12th is the world forum for all people who write content in print, audio, television, film and digital. It is a yearly event and 25,000 people attend so that they can learn new things, network with other people in their field and it helps them to kick of their year with a bang.

People in publishing can also attend to show what they can do, or they are able to

attend as visitors.

Weaver Words

This festival is in its fourth year and it begins on Saturday 14th April with a literary journey on the award winning Daniel Adamson boat which will sail along the River Weaver.

Other events include workshops, talks and different events where children can get involved.

Stratford Upon Avon Literary Festival

This event happens between 22nd and 29th April.

The Literary Festival is an amazing yearly celebration for speakers and and authors who can attend workshops from craft workshops to writing workshops for poets, fiction writers and they even learn how to bind their own books.

The Wrexham Carnival of Words

This show starts on 21st April and ends on 28th April and takes place at different locations throughout Wrexham.

The different events include a storytime for children which takes place at the Library in Wrexham and it is where local authors can share their stories with the children.

Another event that takes place at the Carnival of Words is called Wrexham On My Mind. This is where all sorts of different people can celebrate the past and present of the town with stories, poems and singing.

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