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Palindromes - words that flip like pancakes!

Palindromes - words that flip like pancakes!

In honour of Pancake Tuesday, my blog this month is all about words and phrases that can be flipped and will still read the same – just like pancakes!

What do Hannah, mum and dad all have in common? They’re all palindromes and read the same way both backward and forward. Palindromes originate in the Ancient Greek language and means ‘running back again’.

Please see some examples below.


This is a plant which is native to south and central America and it is related to the pineapple.


This word means relating to a town, specifically its administration.


Kayak is a word used to describe a canoe like a boat and it is particularly fast, so people tend to use it for sport.


A minim is a musical note and it is two beats in a bar of music. A minim can also be a small amount of fluid.


Noon is a time of day. It is also known as midday.


A racecar is a car that is used in races such as the Grand Prix. A typical racecar is a Ferrari.


The noise an owl makes.

I have also found some palindrome phrases:

  • Never odd or even.

  • Nurses run.

  • Too hot to hoot.

  • A nut for a jar of tuna.

  • Was it a car or a cat I saw?

Hope you enjoyed my blog on palindromes and found it useful! Please contact me if you have any proofreading needs!

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